Plexiglass Sheets

Plexiglass. This transparent plastic is often referred to as Acrylite, Plexiglas, Lucite and Polycast, that happen to be specific brand names of Plexiglass. It’s also known as Acrylic or PMMA which come from it’s chemical name Poly(methyl methacrylate). This material was principally created and introduced to the market in the early 1900′s, and because of its unique properties has become an ideal substitute for glass. Plexiglass is lighter in weight than glass as well as having a much higher impact resistance. Plexiglass is also much easier to handle, cut and fabricate.

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Plastic Fabrication – Flame Polishing Plexiglass/ Acrylic

Plexiglass/ Acrylic Flame Polishing

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How to glue plexiglass large areas

How to glue large areas of plexiglass without bubbles.

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Laser Cutting an Acrylic Tech Bench

This is 5mm white plexiglass being laser cut for use in a tech bench (‘open’ computer case used for hardware testing).

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How to make an Acrylic box in 5 minutes Plexiglas®

How to make an Acrylic box. Cut in one piece in foil, V-grooves are perfectly cut, taped, broken, glued and bent in one piece all the time. See our technique to produce a box with a perfect shape. Bauen Sie einen perfekten Kasten aus einem Teil. V-Nuten einsägen, abkleben, brechen, kleben und zusammensetzen, während alle Teile immer zusammenbleiben. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie sie den idealen Kasten herstellen.

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How to build a Plastic Heat Bender

This video segment will show you how to build a plastic line bender using BriskHeat Strip Heater, so that you can bend plastic at home.

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Mercury DC10 + Semi Auto Sliding Table Cutting Acrylic

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Joe’s CNC Router Hybrid 4×4 – Cutting Cast Acrylic

Cutting 1/2″ cast plexiglass with a 1/4″ oflute upspiral at 100IPM cutting and .05″ per pass. Vcarvepro to program, mach3 to run it.

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Bending Plexi

bended some 3mm plexi using a regular household iron

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SEI Laser – 3D Acrylic cutting

SEI Laser System – Mercury/Personal Bravo

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Acrylic PVC Plastic Line Bender Video

Acyrlic Plastic Line Bender with Top & Bottom Heater Easy to use workbench plastic line bender/heater is ideal for the heating and manual folding/bending of:- PP/PE/PVC/ACRYLIC/PETG & POLYCARBONATE. Materials. The heating temperature is set and monitored by a digital thermostat. The Type TGm.O Plastic Line Bender is built on an aluminium frame and has black heat emitters as its heating system. The advantage of a top heater means it can simultaneously heat both sides of a plastic sheet Therefore, enabling the machine to heat up to 15mm thick material. There is also a digital timer with an acoustic alarm signal, this indicates when the sheet is ready to remove. A teflon coated heating sword can be fixed to the top heater. This allows the simultaneous heating and butt welding of PE and PP sheets from 6mm up to 15mm thick.

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Acrylic pattern cutting by Laser cutting machine

LTT Laser cutting machine

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