Acrylic PVC Plastic Line Bender Video

Acyrlic Plastic Line Bender with Top & Bottom Heater Easy to use workbench plastic line bender/heater is ideal for the heating and manual folding/bending of:- PP/PE/PVC/ACRYLIC/PETG & POLYCARBONATE. Materials. The heating temperature is set and monitored by a digital thermostat. The Type TGm.O Plastic Line Bender is built on an aluminium frame and has black heat emitters as its heating system. The advantage of a top heater means it can simultaneously heat both sides of a plastic sheet Therefore, enabling the machine to heat up to 15mm thick material. There is also a digital timer with an acoustic alarm signal, this indicates when the sheet is ready to remove. A teflon coated heating sword can be fixed to the top heater. This allows the simultaneous heating and butt welding of PE and PP sheets from 6mm up to 15mm thick.