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DATRON CNC with Fanuc Robot Arm

Visit DATRON high-speed machining centers combine 40000 – 60000 RPM spindles with integrated workholding, probing, auto tool change and automation to deliver superior quality and the fasted cycle times for milled and engraved parts. This video shows a Fanuc Robot Arm integrated with a DATRON CNC for fully automated and unattended batch machining of small aluminum parts.

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DATRON CNC milling Plexiglass Sheet Insulating Plate

Visit In this video a DATRON high-speed machining center turns a plexiglass sheet into an insulating plate. DATRON manufactures high-speed CNC machining centers for use with micro-tooling. DATRON machines feature 40000-60000 RPM spindles that produce low force, feed rates of up to 1000″/minute and superior quality. DATRON High-speed CNC Milling and Engraving Machines are idea for manufacturers requiring superior production of EDM electrodes, embossing dies, 3D mold making, rapid prototyping, 3D precision engraving, front panels and the production of automotive and aerospace parts.

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