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Plastic Fabrication, Heat Bending, Line Bending Plexiglass

Bending Polycarbonate

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Plastic Fabrication – Flame Polishing Plexiglass/ Acrylic

Plexiglass/ Acrylic Flame Polishing

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Plexiglass Basics Part 1

Talking about Plexiglass! What it is, how to cut it, how to drill holes in it, and how to create some awesome artworks using it. This tutorial is in 2 parts!

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How to drill acrylic round hole with mill drill

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Making A Plexi Glass Body Template Part2

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Making A Plexi Glass Body Template Part 1

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Plastic Fabrication – Plexiglass Forming

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Acrylic And Plastic Fabrication

A great many cost-effective products such as point of sale display stands and brochure holders are made from acrylic or plastic these days. One of the best features of Acrylic stands is that they are see-through, so that using them makes brochures and leaflets more visible to the customer who may otherwise pass through the foyer without noticing them.

Thermo forming machines are used during plastic fabrication to heat plastic sheets so that they can be stretched over a mould to form a product of some kind. Thin plastic is used to form such things as cups and plates. This can be fed into the thermoforming machine from a roll. Thicker sheets and larger thermo forming machines are used for such things as refrigerator linings and vehicle dashboard panels.

During the process vacuum forming removes trapped air and helps to adjust the thickness of the material at specific points so that these areas will not be thin and weaker. At the end of the cycle, the vacuum must be broken to allow the product to be removed from the machine. This is done by a short burst of reverse air pressure called air-eject.

The plastic sheet is then fed into another machine that cuts the moulded parts from the surrounding plastic web. The waste parts can then be recycled to make more plastic sheeting for use by the same company or another one.

Laser cutting is used in the production of many acrylic and plastic products. Using a laser to cut through plastic or acrylic sheets gives a superior edge that is smooth and well-defined.

Thermo forming can be used to create sample products or one-off prototype parts, or larger machines can be used to create many thousands of parts or shapes per hour – for instance, disposable cups and other containers for the food industry. It is also of particular use for the medical industry.

New heavy gauge thermoforming technology came into being during the Second World War with the need for aircraft windows and machine gun turret windows. The end use of most heavy gauge parts is of a permanent nature, while the thin gauge products are usually disposable. For more details visit

Jasper Firbank is an Industrial Engineer specialising in Fabrication with an experience of 20 years in the field.

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