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The 6 Step Basic Blueprint For Novices To Make Homemade Solar Panel!

Are you ready to make homemade solar panel?

One thing you need to remember is that building homemade solar panel is quite simple and doesn’t require extensive technical know-how.

Okay, here’s a basic 6 step blueprint to make homemade solar panel which I learned from viewing step-by-step video tutorials downloaded to my computer hard drive.

Head over to your nearest hardware store and acquire the following items:

1)    Blocking diodes
2)    Copper wires
3)    One sheet of Plexiglass
4)    Plywood Panel
5)    Silicone Sealant
6)    Solar cells
7)    Solder and soldering pen
8)    Stainless steel screws
9)    UV coating paint
10)     Wood to form panel border

My total cost: $206

1) Cut up the plywood according to the amount of solar cells you have in possession. To generate say 100 watts of power, you’ll need about 80 solar cells. Build and combine multiple panels if you require more power.

2) Paint the plywood panel with UV coating paint. Once done, you can start joining the solar cells together. Place all the cells on the ground and using the soldering pen, drop very little amount of solder onto the small tabs found at the back of each solar cell.

3) The solder applied on the tabs allows you to link all the cells together with the copper wire. The top of the soldered tab is where you put the wire and to make it stick, just press it down until the solder cools off. .

4) Now what do you see across the back of the solar cells? Two lines of copper wire! The setup goes like this: The negative end of the wire goes to the negative slot and positive enters the positive slot.

5)  Time to link up the cells! Arrange the wiring in such way that the negative wires are unable to come into touch with the positive wires.

Drill 2 holes to get the wire out of the back of the plywood panel, add the wood to form a border around the cells, screw from the back and finally with the silicone sealant in hand put the Plexiglass sheet on top of the panel.

Keep in mind that
, if you watch step-by-step video tutorials like I have, then it will be a whole lot easier to make homemade solar panel!

Have you got the time to view instructional videos on how to make homemade solar panel?

If yes, then you can obtain download details to 6 step-by-step video series plus a few printable manuals by following this link to –>

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How To Build Homemade Solar Panels In 6 Beginner-Friendly Steps!

Do you want to discover the proper ways on how to build homemade solar panels?

Alright now, without further ado, here are the steps involved as well as the materials required to build your own solar panel.


Plywood panel
Solar cells
Copper wires
Silicone sealant
UV protector.
Additional wood for panel border
Plexiglass sheet
Blocking diodes

Step 1.

Cut the plywood based on the amount of solar cells you have at your disposal. For 100 watts of power, you need about 80 cells. Next paint the plywood with 3 coats of UV protector

Step 2.

Place all solar cells face down on the floor. Note that there’s a small tab at the back of each cell. Using a flux pen, apply a little of bit solder onto the tab of each solar cell.

Step 3.

Take the copper wire and put it on the soldered tab. Once it cools down, the wire will get stuck to it. Now there are two lines of wire at the back of each cell. Join all the cells together – positive goes with positive and the negative goes with the negative end.

Step 4.

Now, take out plywood panel and place all the joined cells on it. The silicone sealant will keep all the cells glued to the panel. It’s unnecessary to cover the wires at this point. Just ensure the cells are firmly stuck to the plywood. Otherwise, you might end up with a defective homemade solar panel!

Step 5.

Notice the 2 wire ends? Drill 2 holes so you can put the wire ends out through the back of the panel. Right in front of the panel, place the additional wood. This is done in order create a border around the cells. Use your screws and apply the sealant to make them stick.

Step 6.

Finally get the glass sheet and fix it to the border to fully cover those solar cells.

And you’re done, bravo!

Believe me it’s not difficult to learn how to build homemade solar panels especially if you have detailed instructional materials like DIY videos!

Important note:

For 6 step-by-step video instructions with a full plan on how to build homemade solar panels, just follow this link? –>

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