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Solar Panel Kits For Homes – How Tight Budget Beginners Build Their Own Solar Panels!

Top-quality yet low-cost solar panel kits for homes are incredibly hard to find these daysâ?¦so are you going to throw in the towel, or keep on searching?

Solar panels are very expensive to purchase and if youâ??re on a tight budget, then go for the DIY approach!

Now, various solar panel kits for homes are being peddled online, but they are mostly rubbish! Just a few weeks back, I purchased a copy of DIY guide and let me tell you somethingâ?¦

It was 90 percent filler information! There was no panel construction plans, the assembling instructions were vague, materials sourcing information was inadequate â?? it was practically useless for a beginner like me!

So what did I do next?

First I requested for a refund and then, I proceeded to scour a few home improvement message boards to acquire more info about solar panel kits for homes.

Hereâ??s what I found outâ?¦

Okay it turns out that most tight budget beginners constructed their own solar panels thru the aid of step-by-step videos!

Of course in the beginning, the assembling process can be a bit tricky for us amateurs hence the need for step-by-step videos.

So I downloaded several how to videos onto my PC and followed each step â?? putting the materials together, assembling, wiring, soldering etc, one at a time.

Lo and beholdâ?¦

I successful build my first panel! Indeed it was quite tricky at first but we need not worry too much. Just view each process shown in the videos and perform one step at a time!

The experience was truly satisfying as Iâ??ve now discovered how to build those solar panel kits for homes using low-cost materials such as UV coating, plywood panel, primer, blocking diodes, flux paste, Plexiglass and of courseâ?¦solar cells!

After researching for God knows how many hoursâ?¦I came upon a solid instruction that actually walks me through all the necessary steps. Before long, I have my own solar panel system built from scratch!

Here’s the good news:

You can start learning how to build solar panel kits for homes right away!

You need programs such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc in order to view the highly detailed instructional videos on your computer.

Click here — > to get the download details.

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Diy Solar Panel Kits – Top 3 Mistakes That A Beginner Must Avoid When Building A Solar Panel!

Alright fellow beginners, if youâ??re planning to put together your very own DIY solar panel kits, then please take note of the mistakes outlined below.

I made these mistakes when I first started out and needless to sayâ?¦

They caused me a lot of grief!

Okay so here are the top 3 mistakes that you must avoid when making your first solar panel kitsâ?¦

Mistake No.1 â?? Spending more than what is needed.

You know, my first project I spent more than what was necessaryâ?¦

I bought an expensive plywood panel along with a fairly pricey glass sheet to cover the solar cells.

Quite a fair amount of cash wasted there!

Truth of the matter is you can make your own solar panel setup using inexpensive plywood panel. As long as itâ??s durable enough to hold the solar cells together, then youâ??re good to go!

Same goes for the glass sheet. Inexpensive Plexiglass sheet should suffice for your DIY solar panel kits!

My first attempt was a failureâ?¦

Anyway I had to purchase a new plywood panel and glass sheet.

Okay what about my second attempt?

It was a success and best of allâ?¦

The total cost only amounted to $206!

Mistake No.2 â?? Incorrect Wiring.

This mistake is quite common amongst beginners.

When doing the wiring configuration, ensure that the positive and the negative ending of the wires do not come into contact with one another.

To get a better understanding of this, we need to learn fromâ?¦

Mistake No.3 â?? Beginners are Too Reliant on Printed Manuals.

Itâ??s not a good idea for beginners to depend solely on printed manuals.

For me, the wiring process is the trickiest aspect of building a solar panel so itâ??s highly beneficial that we beginners refer to video instructions to get the entire process right.

Before I downloaded the instructional videos, I referred to printed manuals exclusively and it proved to be difficult!

Too many confusing jargons and diagrams killed my enthusiasm. I just couldnâ??t get the assembling process right!

If you watch instructional videos that are beginner-friendly, Iâ??m very sure that youâ??ll be able to assemble those DIY solar panel kits without much hiccups!

Do you want fast and easy access to downloadable instructional videos inclusive of a few pictorial manuals manuals for making DIY solar panel kits?

Click this link here –> for download details. There are a total of 6 step-by-step instructional videos and you can view the details on the second page.

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