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Laser Cutting an Acrylic Tech Bench

This is 5mm white plexiglass being laser cut for use in a tech bench (‘open’ computer case used for hardware testing).

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SEI Laser – 3D Acrylic cutting

SEI Laser System – Mercury/Personal Bravo

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Acrylic pattern cutting by Laser cutting machine

LTT Laser cutting machine

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Laser Cutting Acrylic on a Trotec Speedy 500

Cutting plexiglass with perfect edges on the Trotec Speedy 500 laser engraving and cutting system

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Personal Laser – Cutting Plexiglass Dieboard

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Laser cutting Acrylic with 60 watt laser

Video shows how a 60 watt laser is used to cut 3/8″ thick plexiglass to produce a polished finish. The laser machine is 60 watts, the laser type is CO2. The laser uses air pressure from the nozzle and vacuum table. The plexiglass is supported above the plexiglass to remove flash-back effects on the bottom of the plexiglass. Demonstrated shape is the letter “D”.

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acrylic cutting by laser cutting machine


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laser cutting acrylic troGirl with CO2 laser and camera recognition system

very quick tutorial to cut printed plexiglass with a camera recognition system. laser cut with a trotec CO2 laser SP500

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Laser Cutting Perspex

One of K2′s 1000 watt Penta lasers cutting through cast acrylic sheet.

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