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The First Step In Building Your Own Solar Panels

While paying those monthly power bills, many households get a feeling as if they are throwing away money? If you have been thinking about a greener alternative to your coal-fired electricity line, then, why not switch to a better, affordable, and more efficient source of green energy? Solar panels are the only thing we can think of right now, if that is what is in your mind. Your next door guy is not the right choice for installer. What we are recommending is really building your own solar panels. Do you think you cannot, think again, solar energy can be harnessed to power up your home without much hassles.

Can i make my do it yourself solar panels?

The biggest hurdle you have overcome is the way you thought about building your solar panels. You dont have to be tech savvy to build your solar panel, you will be surprised to know the number of households powered by solar power and not all belong to tech savvy guys. How many among these sun powered-homes are owned by geeky and techie head of the households? Much lesser than 5% in my community. Any literate person can build a solar panel of his own by folllowing these easy and simple instructions one by one.

Buying your stuff. If you have been doing some major repairs or home improvements, chances are you have the most basic tools and skills to power your project. In your to do list of shopping the next thing to come up should be the solar panel kit.

It might be a strong possibility that you will find the solar panel kit at your local DIY store since those are in high demand in these days. Never mind if they don’t, a large inventory of solar panel kits are available on ebay. For the parts, you need to shop for the following: plywood sheating, tin wire, plexiglass, silicon caulk, solar cells, UV-ray protective varnish. The items that eats your maximum dollar away is the solar cell. I have a good list of solar cell retailers and the lowest for each piece of solar cell is 2$.

You can forget it if you are planning to compare the cost of hiring a team to build a solar panel for you and build one on your own. Do you know that the average cost of basic solar installation will cost you at least $20,000? By spreading the total for 20 yes you can calculate the exact monthly payment of yours. Let me tell you, there are plenty of reasons why you should just go out there, shop for the things you need, and just build your own solar panels. When you see other guys building up their solar panels with fun, it is more fulfilling to do it yourself.

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Build Cheap Solar Panels – Easy 6 Step Process To Building Cheap Solar Panels!

Do you know how easy it is to build cheap solar panels?

I thought it couldnâ??t be done. I figured the process must be too complex for an average Joe so I went to several retails stores to find out what is the present market price of a solar panelâ?¦

You know what?

The price tags are outrageous!

Luckily, the cashier at one of the stores told me that as long as I wasnâ??t planning on powering an entire apartment building, then building cheap solar panels on my own is a viable option.

Thatâ??s good news!

Okay, so I went online to get the necessary instructions but…guess what? 90% of the info I found online are not detailed enough and also not beginner-friendly.

After hours of persistent search, I came upon a really good guide â?? complete with simple to follow videos. Ding, ding, ding! I build my own solar panel at last!

Iâ??m so happy that I now feel like sharing this 6-step process to building cheap solar panels with you. Here it is!

Tools of the trade:

Plywood panel, solar cells, clear silicon sealant, solders, UV paint, screws, Wire, wood for framing the panel and Plexiglass.

Step 1

The plywood should be cut according to the amount of cells in your disposal. Coat the plywood with UV paint. At this point, you can begin setting up the solar cells!

Step 2

Thereâ??s a small tab at the back of the cells and you need to put a little solder on each one. Now take out the wire and press it on top of the soldered tab.

Step 3

Connect all the cells together suing the wire. With very simple wiring combo, you can get to link and work properly. Very basic stuff, you just connect the negative with the negative and the positive with the positive.

Step 4

Take out the silicon sealant and install the cells to the plywood. You donâ??t have to cover the wire!

Step 5

The front part of the panel should be framed with some wood.  Just apply the sealant to make it stick.

Step 6

Finally, you need to cover the cells. This is where the Plexiglass comes in â?? you just stick it to the border using that handy silicon!

There you have it! Very simple stuff! Once you get the hang of things, youâ??ll begin to build cheap solar panels that work in double quick time!

Look, if you’re a complete amateur at this, don’t worry. You should download video instructions that will help you build cheap solar panels easily.

That’s how I learned how to build one myself. Just click here — >

Get videos and manuals that help you every step of the way so you can start building those panels ASAP!

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The 6 Step Basic Blueprint For Novices To Make Homemade Solar Panel!

Are you ready to make homemade solar panel?

One thing you need to remember is that building homemade solar panel is quite simple and doesn’t require extensive technical know-how.

Okay, here’s a basic 6 step blueprint to make homemade solar panel which I learned from viewing step-by-step video tutorials downloaded to my computer hard drive.

Head over to your nearest hardware store and acquire the following items:

1)    Blocking diodes
2)    Copper wires
3)    One sheet of Plexiglass
4)    Plywood Panel
5)    Silicone Sealant
6)    Solar cells
7)    Solder and soldering pen
8)    Stainless steel screws
9)    UV coating paint
10)     Wood to form panel border

My total cost: $206

1) Cut up the plywood according to the amount of solar cells you have in possession. To generate say 100 watts of power, you’ll need about 80 solar cells. Build and combine multiple panels if you require more power.

2) Paint the plywood panel with UV coating paint. Once done, you can start joining the solar cells together. Place all the cells on the ground and using the soldering pen, drop very little amount of solder onto the small tabs found at the back of each solar cell.

3) The solder applied on the tabs allows you to link all the cells together with the copper wire. The top of the soldered tab is where you put the wire and to make it stick, just press it down until the solder cools off. .

4) Now what do you see across the back of the solar cells? Two lines of copper wire! The setup goes like this: The negative end of the wire goes to the negative slot and positive enters the positive slot.

5)  Time to link up the cells! Arrange the wiring in such way that the negative wires are unable to come into touch with the positive wires.

Drill 2 holes to get the wire out of the back of the plywood panel, add the wood to form a border around the cells, screw from the back and finally with the silicone sealant in hand put the Plexiglass sheet on top of the panel.

Keep in mind that
, if you watch step-by-step video tutorials like I have, then it will be a whole lot easier to make homemade solar panel!

Have you got the time to view instructional videos on how to make homemade solar panel?

If yes, then you can obtain download details to 6 step-by-step video series plus a few printable manuals by following this link to –>

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